Matjoykorea wanted 
to redefine travelling small cities of Korea.

These days, local travelling is losing its identity due to dramatic economic growth in the country.
If you are the person who dreams about your special holiday after getting out of your hectic days,
our team and local people are considering what could be a new local travel for you.

made in

Define local travel

We get inspirations by lives of local people.
It makes local travel in harmony not only with the history, culture, art, and natural environment that contain local stories but also the lives of local residents.

‌Dream of a sustainable journey

‌When we dream of sustainable travels and expect the positive effects that many people can get from revitalizing local tourism, we try to find the value of an unchanging travel.

‌Work with local residents

‌We work with local residents such as private residents renting out their private vacant rooms, cooperative societies which aims to solve local problems and a local organization to improve countryside tourism.

Local Tour Management

‌We are a local tour management group that finds local tourism companies. We have responsibilities to ‌represent regions and support local people from training to commercialization consulting, PR & Marketing, and channel development.

‌Reliable trip in small city of Korea

‌We launched "Sigol Haru”, a countryside B&B platform, which offers countryside breakfast & bed. The item was sensational, and it redefines a B&B platform, and leads a new travel culture in Korea.

Analyse Customer Experience

We are focusing on travellers interested in local experience with real, local people.
Our priority is creating unforgettable experiences of travellers visiting the local.



2018.09  Won Minister Award of Culture, Sports and Tourism :  'The 45th Tourism Day

2017.12   Busan Tourism Organization's appreciation commendation for the development of theme tour products in West-Busan.

2016.04   Won The Excellence Prize of Korea Tourism Organization's 'Excellent Tourism Venture Company Awards'.

2016.01   Selected by the Korea Creative Content Agency (CKL) as a partner company.

2015.08   Selected 'Tourism Venture Company' certified by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

2013.05  Won the Korea Tourism Organization Award, 'The 3rd Tourism Venture Business Contest


2014   Launched 'Sigol Haru (matjoy.co.kr)' service, Korea's first countryside B&B platform
2016   Local CT Festival_Jeju 'Alsongdang Songdang' hosted w/ Urban Play

2017   "KBS Travel (561 KBS Travel)" Partners in Domestic Travel Contents Alliance.
 Airbnb Korea (Airbnb)' Local Ambassadors.

2018   Organised Pyeongchang Cultural Olympics: Pyeongchang New Year Culture Festival

 Collaboration project of 'Tourism Dure' business group and mentoring of resident companies

2019   Korea Tourism Organization's Tourism Venture Collaboration Project - 'DMZ Local Tour' 


2020   Development of Hantangang National Geopark Tourism Product
               ‌Launched 'Sodosi Travel (sodositravel.com)' service 

‌2021  Gangwon Social Economy Center Project - 'Gangwon Social trip'
               Launched 'Sodosi Hostel - Namhae' service


Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Korea Tourism Organization
Tourdure Business Organization
Korea Creative Content Agency
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Korea Rural Community Corporation
Busan Tourism Organization

‌Gyeongnam Tourism Organization 

Gangwon Social Economy Center
Suwon Cultural Foundation
Jeollanam-do Association for Cultural Tourism
Iksan-cultural & tourism foundation
Pyeongchang Foundation for Arts & Culture
Yeoncheon-Gun, Hwacheon-Gun
Inje-Gun,  Gimje City, Pyeongchang-Gun, Hongcheon-Gun, Busan Gangseo City
Agriculture Technology Center - Yeoju, Paju,
Icheon, Taean

Gangwon Peace Tours
Urban Play

Ollin Contents lab

KBS Travel

Airbnb Korea

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email.  matjoytour@naver.com
Seoul office. 1708, Seosomun-ro 116, Jung-gu, Seoul

web. www.matjoykorea.net
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